Designed in 1996 by an Engineer from British Columbia, Canada, the Floodstopper System is now being recognized by most Engineers, Alarm Companies Plumbers and Home Business Owners. The Floodstopper System is on thousands of blue prints throughout North America. The system is designed for use in all residential, commercial and industrial applications. Widely used in single family dwellings, townhouses, apartments, strata buildings, warehouses, offices, storage areas, restaurants, hotels, computer server rooms and the list goes on. Plumbing companies are now using the Floodstopper System to reduce any liability through flooding once they have completed piping in a new home or doing repairs for a client.
In 1996, a major North American Insurance Bureau reported that the number of claims from water damage to homes ranked third(19% of all claims), but ranked first in total dollar damage over 50%. Some surveys show the number of flood related claims could be much higher, as many go unreported. Many insurance companies offer discounts to homeowner policies where the FloodStopper System is in place, with higher discounts when connected to a monitored security system. Ask your insurance agent about possible premium discounts.
Homeowners all over North America rely on the Floodstopper Leak Detection System to protect their home and valuables from extensive water damage. This surprisingly affordable product cost less than the average insurance deductible, and has prevented major flooding from occurring. With FloodStopper in place, you can leave home for hours, days and even weeks with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your investment and your home is protected.