This unique patented product is the first of its kind to integrate plumbing hardware and electronics. FloodStopper works like a circuit breaker for your water service, shutting off the water at the source within seconds of a leak being detected. Your left with a puddle instead of a flood.
Sensors are placed throughout your home where flooding had the potential to occur. The sensors are connected to a control panel which is wired to the Honeywell valve on your water main. When a sensor detects moisture from a water leak, it sends out an electronic signal to the control panel which in turn alerts the system's valve to shut off the main water supply. The control panel also supplies a visual indication that the water has been turned off. Once repairs are completed, you can restore the water supply simply by pressing the reset button.
The Floodstopper System comes with a Control Panel, a Honeywell water shut off valve, sensors, and a 24volt transformer. It requires minimal plumbing and low voltage electrical work to install. The water shut off valve is placed in your home's plumbing directly behind the pressure reducing valve at the point where it enters into your home. It has been designed so it does not restrict the water flow. Then strategically positioned sensors are mounted close to the hot water tanks, toilets, sinks, washing machines, dishwashers, kitchens, washrooms, etc. After the system is wired to go, if a leak is detected the main water supply is shut off leaving the main fire sprinkler system fully armed.
The FloodStopper System can be installed by most homeowners and integrates with any existing water system. It can also be connected to monitored security of home automation systems. The control panel is designed to conveniently mount over a standard electrical outlet box and is powered by a standard 24-volt plug in transformer. The exclusive "Honeywell" designed valve is installed on your main water water line and wired to the control panel. The sensors are mounted at the base of walls throughout your home where water bearing appliances are located and may be hard wired or remotely connected to the control panel. Alternatively, professional installation can be arranged by your FloodStopper dealer.
Bayne L. Vardy, CEO for BC Furnace Service