FLOODSTOPPER is the high-tech system designed to shut off your water supply if a water leak occurs when you’re out. You know the devastation water can cause if you’ve ever come home to a burst water tank. Unless someone is home to shut off the water, thousands of litres will pour out, not only causing costly damage but creating health hazards and destroying irreplaceable heirlooms, papers and photographs. “Catastrophes can occur in as little as an hour,” says North Vancouver’s Bayne Vardy, who owns Lower Mainland based BC Furnace Service. “A toilet can back up, a pipe can spring a leak, a dishwasher or washing machine can overflow.” While taking steps such as turning off your home’s water when going away for more than a day will reduce the chance of problems, technology only recently allows for a sure solution. The FloodStopper, a home and business flood prevention system invented in 1995, senses water and restricts damage to that caused by a small amount of water already in appliances and pipes. “The FloodStopper uses sensors placed a millimetre above a floor to detect water,” Vardy explains. “When they do, the sensors send a signal activating a shut-off valve on your home’s water intake.” He adds preventing floods is good for the environment because soaked drywall and carpets must be disposed of, and often leach toxic glues and colourants into landfills. Also, if you live in a townhouse or condo, you may be personally liable for damage a flood originating in your unit causes in attached homes. “I installed the Flood- Stopper in my North Shore home when I discovered it, and have been thrilled by the result.”
"Remember the reason I was so anxious to get the FloodStopper system installed a s quickly as possible; we had just experienced extensive water damage to over 2/3 of our home. A commode had malfunctioned, running continuously for 13 hours while we were away from home. Water depth in two 'step-down' living areas seriously compromised expensive' judges paneling' on the walls. Again, after installing the FloodStopper, a grandchild accidentally plugged up another of our commodes. We found out about it when we noticed water in the entire house was shut off....the sensor (which was a remote) had done its job and had prevented another miserable, frustrating, and EXPENSIVE in-house flooding experience. Based on past experiences and present peace of mind, I cannot understand why this system is not mandatory for builders and homeowners, just as fire and smoke alarms are. It would save hundreds and thousands of dollars due to water damage. I absolutely would not be without the FloodStopper System in any home I owned."
Guy H. Owensby - Home Owner
"My daughter came home one evening late, did a clothes wash and put in too much soap, resulting in a bubble bath for the sensor. The system shut the water off immediately. The money invested in our system is the most valued home investment one could make and I highly recommend it for retrofit as well as new construction."
David Smith, President, Fleetwood Development Corp.